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Hey, I'm Khadija. I'm an aquarian, a singer, a dreamer. I love all things wonderful. Rain, stars, Taylor Swift, trees, music (of literally every type), beaches, rainbows... You get the picture. I love talking to people, especially the open minded dreamers. I try to see something beautiful in everyone and everything.

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I recently got a tattoo that means a lot to me, in so many ways. This marks my second Taylor Swift tattoo. I got the word RED in bold letters and the almost exact font that is used for the album. This album is amazing and heart breaking, and beautifully tragic. I never thought it was possible to relate to an album that much. I was a fan of Taylor before Red was released, but as I was listening to every song and got chills at every lyric. I began to realize when I was alone in my room with no one to talk to, Taylor was there. She was there when no one else in my life was. I was in a dark place in 2012 and even now, I still struggle with my demons. I experienced many painful memories and this album helped me. I saw the Red tour live in May of last year and after the concert - I had originally planned to commit suicide.  There was something about that show that made me want to see another day. Taylor gave me hope. As I am sitting here typing this out, I am proud that I am here. Here to experience the 1989 era because I never thought I’d be able to hear a new Taylor album. Red was my rock and will always be held close to my heart. Before 1989 came out, I wanted to get this tattoo so that no matter where I am, it’s imprinted on me. This album changed my life - more importantly it saved my life. taylorswift


I keep hoping that I’ll wake up to her holding me and wiping my tears, telling me it was all just a bad dream and that I don’t have to be without her another second.


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This is me in PE.


Your love, your love. 😈 #mtf #tgirl #trans #transgirl #transgender #transsexual #me #reese #mirror #selfie #longhair #iphone6 #piercings #pose #sexy #curvy

Seeing other people in happy pants makes me so happy x)


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